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Mobile Baccarat at Euro Palace Casino

Why has Baccarat stayed so popular with so many players for so long? The answer is simple – it’s fun, it’s timeless and wining big is extra rewarding!

If you have ever seen some of the earlier James Bond films, you will quickly recognise Baccarat as the hero’s choice at the tables, and its most often associated with the kind of sophistication and style which very high-end land-based casinos provide. Euro Palace is happy to bring the game to wherever you may be instead, and invite you to enjoy our very personal brand of elegance with mobile Baccarat games!

Playing Mobile Baccarat on the Go

Your mobile Baccarat game will only differ from the one we provide online in terms of your being able to take it along with you. The governing principle remains unchanged: does the Banker have the best hand, or did the Player win this time? Perhaps the hands are tied?

Bear in mind that the Player and Banker have absolutely no relation to you or to Euro Palace Casino. They are simply the labels for the hands.

The Magic Number 9

The total goal for mobile Baccarat is 9 points. The Banker and the Player will each be dealt 2 cards, and the card values will then be added together. If you have correctly managed to predict who got closest to 9, you’ve won.

Each of the cards in a standard deck is assigned a certain value: the face cards and 10s are 0 points, Aces are 1 point, and those ranging from 2 through to 9 are given their face value. If the scores exceed 9, the digit on the left is discarded. So, if the Player hand has a 10 card and an 8, its value would be 8, not 18.

If the Player hand is 5 points or less, another card will be dealt. The Banker hand, however, will only receive an additional card if the value of the cards is 2 or less.

Tips for Mobile Baccarat

Euro Palace Casino is here to make sure that your mobile Baccarat games are not only easy to access, but offer you great payouts as well. Here are our strategy hints for you to put to work:

  • A tied result for the hands is not a common result, so it is usually advisable for you to start your mobile Baccarat journey by betting on the Player or Banker hand instead.
  • When you first start exploring mobile Baccarat, keep your bets small. Start with a low number and, as your confidence increases and your wins start piling up, you can start laying larger wagers.
  • Remember that, as part of our commitment to you getting the most out of your mobile Baccarat game, we provide it in a demo mode, so you can practice to your heart’s content, and don’t need to bet at all.

Top Mobile Baccarat Games at Euro Palace Casino

Of course the most important piece of advice for players interested in mobile Baccarat is that their gameplay is limited to trustworthy, reputable casinos. Euro Palace is the perfect fit. Take a tour of our site, read up on the Terms and Conditions, message or call one of our customer care representatives if you have any questions.

Take the real money wins with you wherever you go when you indulge in mobile Baccarat on your iPhone, iPad, Android, or other preferred mobile device!

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