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Online blackjack – The game you should be playing

Euro Palace Online Casino gives you access to the most popular online table games, including blackjack, baccarat and roulette.

Blackjack is arguably the most popular of the lot of games, recognisable by many fans regardless of language, culture or creed. This game is a game that everyone from all walks of life, in all parts of Europe have and continue to enjoy as a social and more competitive game.

Learn the lingo – Blackjack terminology

  • Blackjack: when your first two cards total 21.
  • Going ‘bust’: A hand total that is more than 21.
  • Hit: Collect another card. You may ‘hit’ until you exceed 21.
  • Stand: Keep the cards that you have without taking any additional cards.
  • Double down: Double your bet, receiving only one more card.
  • Split: if both cards are the same value, you can make two hands from one hand.
  • Surrender: you forfeit half your bets, but keep the other half and do not continue to play out your current hand. This is only available upon the first two cards being dealt.
  • Hard hand: a hand that has no aces, or aces that are force to total as points, unless you bust.
  • Soft hand: contains at least one ace – counting as either one of eleven.

Tips on how to play blackjack online

The goal of blackjack is to “beat the dealer”. Now you are probably asking yourself, “how do you beat the dealer”?

Well, here is how you can win:

  • On your first two cards dealt, if your cards total 21.
  • If you reach a total score that’s higher than that of the dealer, but doesn’t exceed 21.
  • If once the dealer has drawn extra cards has a hand total that exceeds 21.

This is how the cards are valued:

  • Number cards – each number represents the cards value.
  • Face cards – these are valued at 10.
  • Ace card – valued at either 1 or 11.

Things to remember when playing online blackjack

  • Can be played with up to eight standard decks of playing cards.
  • After you have placed your bet, you and the dealer will both be dealt two cards. One of the dealer’s cards will be dealt face up. The card that stays face down is called the ‘hole card’.
  • If the dealer’s face up card is an Ace, you will be offered a side bet known as “insurance”. This side bet will pay two to one if the hole card has a value of 10. Insurance wagers are however completely optional. This bet will not be able to exceed half of the original bet placed.
  • If the dealer’s face up card is a ten of Ace, after the insurance was offered, the dealer will then be able to look at his facedown card to check whether he may have a blackjack. If this is so, he will then turn the card over to reveal the blackjack.
  • If it is revealed that the dealer has a blackjack, all bets placed, (baring the insurance) will lose. Except in cases where you also have blackjack. This will result in what is known as a push. The insurance bets will all be sorted out at this point.
  • If the dealer doesn’t bust, then the points of both you and the dealer will be calculated, and the higher of the two will win.

Types of blackjack

  • Single-hand blackjack: Atlantic City Blackjack, European Blackjack, Vegas Strip Blackjack.
  • Multi-hand blackjack: Multi-hand Atlantic City Blackjack, Multi-hand Vegas Downtown Blackjack, Multi-hand Spanish 21 Blackjack.
  • Gold Series blackjack: Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold, Multi-hand Big Five Blackjack Gold, Multi-hand Spanish 21 Blackjack Gold.

Live casino blackjack

Live casino blackjack is played using a 52-card deck. The game is played at real tables, in real time, with real dealers. You can choose to have your cards dealt to you by a traditional dealer or a Playboy Bunny dealer.

Blackjack Bet Behind feature

This feature allows you to bet on players that are on a lucky streak. You can track their progress by keeping an eye on the Hot Streaks table, which is located at the top right hand of the screen.

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