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Looking for some massive casino games to play?

Entertainment, thrills, and excitement are just some of the things that casino fans look for when picking their favourite casino games to play. But with so many choices out there, feeling overwhelmed by the choice is nothing new.

This is why it’s important to test out some of these games at a top online casino, so you understand your options better and make your decisions from there.

There is no reason why you can’t try all of the games out if you wanted to, in demo mode, to get a feel for all of them before you spend your money on them. But hey, think about it, when you do place some cash bets on the table and slots machine, hearing the winning tune start playing means you walk away a winner. Now that is something that we know people all over Europe love to be, WINNERS!

Casino games – where it all began

Gambling is something that has been seen in many different shapes and forms in history, with the earliest recording of gambling activity in 2,300 BC by the Chinese.

The Ridotto, in Venice Italy was the first known European casino in 1638.

Casino gaming has come a long way since then and now sees the online casino industry at its biggest level ever! Players across Europe are finding their kicks that much quicker playing online, not having to brave cold weather and public transport.

And what are the top games that players are spending their time playing?

  1. Slots
  2. Video Poker
  3. Blackjack
  4. Roulette
  5. Baccarat

Other games that were mentioned included Craps, Bingo, Scratchcards. Live casino games were also given the nod after making a big entrance into the live casino offerings market. It’s basically all the best casino games played against live dealers, but still sitting within the comfort of home. Another casino comfort… playing on any device you like. Yes, that means one password across different platforms such as your mobile, desktop or tablet.

What makes slots so popular?

Slots have been a staple in communities for years and continue to find their place all across Europe.

They might have started out with simple designs and average payouts, but the attraction for players has always been something fascinating to see. With the evolution of online casino gambling, the classic fruit slot has evolved and now we see epic tales on screen in video slots. Players are attracted to the glamour of the game, and the appeal is apparent as more and more players venture online.

Why you should play Video Poker?

Having first been introduced in the online casino industry in the 1970’s, this once small in stature game has propelled itself into a fully-fledged gaming legend. Combining skill with a low house edge and huge potential wins, Video Poker is a game that will appeal to all enthusiasts.

Want to take on the dealer in a game of blackjack?

21 is the aim, Blackjack is the game. This sleek game has a popularity rating scaling above any other game. The competitive nature in us all is triggered from the get go as you face off against the dealer. Yes there is a definite element of luck in this game but the skill factor is something that gets you thinking.

And when the cards do fall in your favour and you bet against the dealer, it’s a satisfaction like no other being on top of the game!

Roulette - The little wheel that offers big rewards

The allure of the Roulette wheel spinning on by with the noise of the roulette ball seemingly floating across the wheel is a thrill to watch. The suspense you feel as the wheel slows down, and it gets closer and closer to revealing where the ball will end up is electrifying. Plus, seeing if your pick of colour and number is what is revealed on the wheel, has been known to cause scenes of sheer unearthly excitement.

Playing Baccarat

You may know it as punto banco, or Baccarat. Either way, it’s still one of the most popular casino games, and oldest of the lot. High rollers have been known on numerous occasions to get their thrills on this game on many an occasion. The most popular of high rollers, James Bond. Ok, so 007 might technically be a fictitious character but oh boy can he make playing baccarat look mighty sexy.

Play for fun, take your time to make your choice and be enthralled by the casino games on offer. Another game to try? Craps, this plus all the other abovementioned games promise entertainment like you’ve never seen before. And as always, you know you can get your fix right here at Europe’s favourite online casino, Euro Palace. 

And for even more gaming fun, check out our Scratchcard and Casual Games selection too! Happy gaming everyone! 

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