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Keno 101 - play online now

Keno is a lottery-like casino games favourite that has a board with numbers ranging from 1 to 80. It was created by a Chinese warlord named Cheung Leung, who was a famous general, in the year 200 BC who needed to raise funds for supplies for his troops. He created a lottery-type of game using a classic poem that was used to teach children the Chinese alphabet and used the game to successfully gather enough income to support his troops that were at war.

People chose different symbols and won prizes depending on how many of the characters that they had chosen were officially drawn. Keno was such a success that carrier pigeons were eventually used to collect the tickets from rural areas – earning it the nickname “The White Pigeon Game”. The game was so successful that the extra money raised, was used to build the Great Wall of China.

From Ancient China, the game spread to the New World of America via Chinese railway workers and has proven to be a big hit all over the world. Modern variations use balls bearing the numbers 1 to 80, instead of Chinese writing. You can enjoy Keno live and in the conventional Random Number Generation format right here at Euro Palace! The fast nature and simple rules make it perfect between longer card games, as a warm-up to or cool-down from a gaming marathon, or as the main event in your playing session.

Playing Keno

At first glance, playing online Keno looks pretty easy and straightforward to play. It sure is but it is also a casino game variation that offers you short odds, less strategy, less risk BUT big payouts. The enjoyment you get out of playing comes from choosing your numbers, and then waiting to see how much you've won.

How to play online Keno:

  • Launch the game and place your bet amount. You can adjust it using the Increase (+) or Decrease (-) button.
  • Using your mouse, select up to 15 numbers on the board.
  • Hit the ‘Play’ button and 20 balls will be released from the shoot. If one of them lands on one or more of the numbers you have selected, you win. The more numbers you select, the bigger your chances of winning.
  • In Random Number Generation games, the animated balls hit the numbers to create a feeling of excitement as you watch to see how many winning digits you selected. For Live Keno, a caller will draw the balls out manually and announce the results.
  • The amount won is based on the numbers selected and hit multiplied by your original wager.
  • As soon as the round is over, you can play again.

How to maximize your wins

Since there isn’t much strategy required, your best bet would be finding a casino that offers the best payout and the best bonuses before signing up. Happily, Euro Palace offers both. From the New Player Welcome Bonus, Loyalty Rewards programme to our latest promotions, you can be sure of maximizing your wins with a host of the best promotions.

Every number has the same statistical probability of being drawn, so you won't improve your winning chances by buying more tickets. You will, however, increase the anticipation and entertainment level as you play – so it's an idea worth considering!

When you sign up, you’ll get a welcome bonus of up to $600 Match over your first three deposits. This means that you’ll have extra credits to play online Keno for a longer time, thereby increasing your chances of winning.

What about the Odds?

Your odds really depends on how many numbers you select. The more numbers you select, the higher the payout amount. Although the chances of getting a payout of all the 15 numbers are slip, it is possible nonetheless. You should enjoy Keno Live, and with Random Number Generation software, for its own sake – but the potential to win some serious payouts always adds more thrills to playing.

Some past winners have used the following strategies to pick their numbers:

  • A widower in Australia who won $4.3 million selected his own special numbers.
  • A nurse aid in Las Vegas used his wife’s age to pick winning numbers and won over $6 million.
  • A firewood salesman in Logan Australia bet the same numbers consistently for 25 years and bagged over $3 million.

Deciding how you want to pick your ticket numbers is half the fun, and very personal. Do you have your own winning strategy or favourite numbers? Why not use them to Play Keno now? Register your Euro Palace account, make your first deposit, claim your Welcome Bonus and start choosing your lucky numbers. The game works perfectly on all desktops, tablets and smartphones so you can join in the fun whenever and wherever you choose!

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