Will Netflix Ever Take Over From Traditional Cinemas?

Will Netflix Ever Take Over From Traditional Cinemas? In this day and age, if I decide I want entertainment, it had better appear before me in thirty seconds or less. Yes, I’m well aware that back in the day, when I was naught but a waist-high little monster, there were roughly three shows I enjoyed on TV. And, of course, the rest of my time was spent out in the garden, turning a stick into an assault rifle with the power of my mind. If I went to the cinema, it was a grand occasion. And perhaps only occurred once a month, if that. It really is bizarre to think that today I can easily be sucked into my computer, given half a chance. There is Netflix, YouTube, and a catalogue of games so long they could drown a duck. That is to say; I’m certainly no longer required to turn sticks into assault rifles to amuse myself. But, a certain question is starting to come up more and more. Will Netflix, and other online entertainment kill the world of cinema? And while you ponder that question, why not check out a few Euro Palace games? With over 700 casino games, the website is just another way to get sucked into your computer for hours of entertainment.

Entertainment On Demand

Entertainment On Demand Image Source: cleeng.com The biggest, obvious difference between online entertainment and cinema is that online does not conform to such silly things as show times. If going to the cinema, one has to deal with such ridiculous things as “being there on time.” Madness, I know. No matter how many times I phone ahead and ask the cinema to wait for me, they insist that “other people” are involved. Cinemas still exist in an age where entertainment does not conform to the needs of the viewer. And this, in an age where hundreds of thousands of hours of entertainment are available online, at the convenience of the viewer, is not a good thing. Why go to a cinema at a specific time, when you can visit Netflix any time you like? Another form of entertainment that is accessible twenty-four hours a day is Euro Palace games. You can play slots like Thunderstruck II, an online game that’s guaranteed to immerse you in a world of mythical Norse gods all battling it out across the reels. Thunderstruck II online slot is guaranteed to immerse you in a world of mythical Norse gods all battling it out across the reels.  

Quality Of Entertainment

One thing that cinema did have going for it is that it offered superior quality entertainment. Cinema movies simply had bigger budgets, which means that they were objectively better. Better acting, better special effects, a better all-round experience. But the line between Netflix and cinema is rapidly closing. And, in fact, may have already closed. With the recent release of Bright, a Netflix exclusive film starring Will Smith, big-budget movies are officially no longer exclusive to cinemas. And this, as anyone could already guess, marks the beginning of a new era.

Hollywood Needs To Evolve

Hollywood Image Source: cityvillagenews.com Bright may not have got glowing reviews, but it seems obvious that this will not be the last big-budget effort from Netflix. And if I were Hollywood, I would be seriously sweating about now. But then, isn’t it time Hollywood started to feel a little threatened? After all, when was the last time something really unique and interesting hit mainstream cinema? Cinema is drowning in Transformer films; each packed with nothing but bombastic special effects, weak stories, and little else. It seems to me that if cinema wants to keep taking on Netflix, they better start making a few changes. And less Transformer films would be a good start.
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