Lottery and Online Casino Games Strategies

Lottery winner Source: pixabay You may already know about playing world-class online casino games, but how much do you know about playing the lottery? A lot (pardon the pun) of people try their luck on the lotto every week, dreaming of winning millions and changing their lives. Here’s the thing that you need to remember about both online casino games and lottery tickets: you’re more likely to lose than to win. In fact, you have a much better chance of winning a few hands of Blackjack, a few rounds of pokies or any other online casino games than you are of hitting a big lotto payout. Having said that, there’s nothing wrong with playing responsibly, and we do need a line in the water if we want to even have a hope of catching a fish! If you’re up for having a little fun and dabbling in some light lottery action, we’ve rounded up some great tips for you.

Choose Your Game with Care

Often people talk about “the lotto” as if it’s just one competition or pool but, of course, it is not. The massive, nationally-run games have unimaginably huge jackpots, but your chances of winning them are inversely proportional – which is to say, very small. The odds are always 1 in several million, and can go as high as 1 in 200 million. Local games have smaller pools, so you have a better chance of winning. Don’t disregard the scratch cards either – you could end up winning a pretty penny on those and the land-based versions can be almost as much fun as the scratchers in our online casino games selection. You should also choose games that don’t only pay out for hitting all the numbers that are drawn. Many lotteries award smaller amounts if you get 5, 4 or even 3 of the winning digits, and are called “second-chance games”. And don’t we all deserve a few of those in life? Lottery balls Source: pixabay

Consider Starting a Pool

With lotteries, as with so much else in life, there can be strength in numbers, and one of the most popular strategies that players employ is to join forces. If everyone puts money into a central pool your buying power will go up exponentially, and your winning chances will rise along with it. You will have to share payouts with everyone, so be prepared for that going in. In fact, the best idea is to set the ground rules very carefully before you buy even a single ticket as a group. How are you deciding on the numbers? What ratio or formula will you use to divide the wins? Don’t think that these issues aren’t important if you’re going into a pool with your best friends; they’re even more essential in those cases.

Keep Your Ticket Secure

How awful would it be if you won big, and then lost the proverbial golden ticket? If you’re playing online this is less of a concern, as all your details will be secure in the same way that they are when you play online casino games with us. If you are going the old school, physical ticket route, sign the paper as soon as you’ve bought it. That way, if you do lose it, you’ll have proof that it (and its winnings) are indeed yours. Also, this might sound a little cynical, but don’t ever give your card to a clerk at a kiosk to check for you. Lottery ticket Source: pixabay Make sure you verify the numbers yourself, and then hand it over if you’re lucky enough to be claiming a win. The last thing you want is for the assistant to realise you’ve hit some of the numbers, tell you that you haven’t, and then pocket the payouts for themselves. In larger games you usually have to show your ID when buying and redeeming tickets, eliminating this issue, but with smaller operations (which, remember, you are more likely to be successful in) you might not. Be aware.

Choose Reputable Operators

Just as with online casino games, you need to be sure of the safety and fairness of the lotteries that you play. Buy from authorised dealers only, and never believe an “agency” that calls, messages or emails you to let you know that you’ve won, or that asks you to pay a small amount upfront before you can get your prize. These are 99.99% sure to be fraudsters. Remember, stay savvy when you play, and good luck!
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