Thor: The down-low on a god

Thor - the Marvel hero with a historic background Credit: In Agsard born and raised, With Loki was where he spent most of the days, Playin’ with hammers, fightin’ all cool… Blonde, blue-eyed, muscular and a god – what more do you need to know? A lot! Most of us hear “Thor” and immediately picture Chris Hemsworth with a hammer. Yes, that’s a good start but Thor is a lot more than that. So if you’re hoping for lots of Chris Hemsworth eye candy – sorry… it ain’t happening! Ok, maybe just one picture, because he’s so damn irresistible ;) Chris Hemsworrth portrays the Marvel Hero Thor in the movies Credit: Now that we’re all done drooling, let’s dig deeper into the Marvel Hero Thor. Oh – hang on, you’ve got a little smear of drool on your screen. You may want to get that… Now, let's get on with the Thor-rific facts!

Thor is really old

Thor is the Norse god of thunder, so yes we are looking at several centuries here. But the Marvel version of Thor is mighty old too! Thor appeared in the Marvel comic Journey into Mystery in August 1962, the same month that Spiderman also made his first comic appearance. So Thor and Spiderman are both 54 Marvel-years old… time for a walking stick, methinks. Thor - in comic books since 1962 Credit:

Thor is more than just a hammer-guy

The weapon most associated with Thor is his marvelled hammer Mjolnir. In the comic universe, Thor also uses his enchanted Belt of Strength, which doubles his power. In Norse mythology, Thor also has magical iron gloves, which allow him to use his hammer. Not a bad arsenal, considering he can fly too... Thor has more weapons than just a hammer Credit:

Not only Thor can lift the hammer

The ability to lift Thor’s hammer is said to show that one is pure of heart and worthy of the hammer’s power. However, Thor is not the only one chosen by his hammer! The most famed fellow here to lift Mjolnir is Captain America. But Throg (more about him later) also wielded a shard of the hammer. Thor and Captain America can both lift the hammer Credit:

Feel like kissing a frog?

Frogs really shouldn’t only be associated with princes, but with gods too! Thor once spent several comic book issues as a frog, thanks to Loki. (Even Marvel knows that brothers are pests!!) Being the warrior he is, Thor the proceeded to lead an army of frogs into battle against a gang of evil rats. Luckily for us, the amphibian qualities wore off rather fast and Thor returned to Asgard. But he did leave a shard of his hammer behind for his frog friend Puddlegulp, who became Throg, a tiny, green and slimy version of Thor. Thor has an amphibian counterpart - Throg Credit:

Thor can be a part of your life too

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