8 Insanely Interesting Facts About SuperGirl

Supergirl Image courtesy of comicsalliance.com We haven’t heard too much about SuperGirl’s history, with much of the focus being placed on her male counterpart. However, she deserves some recognition, not simply because she’s the cousin of Superman. She’s tough (naturally), smart, and at times, ruthless. She’s even rumoured to be stronger than Superman – on most occasions that the two have battled it out, she has triumphed. Her entry into earth is quite similar to Superman’s – her parents put her on a spaceship headed towards earth and she grows up living a (relatively) normal life – attending high school and college, as well as a stint as an actress and a reporter Interesting facts about SuperGirl
  • Her real name is Kara Zoe-El
  • She is Superman’s cousin
  • She has the same super-powers as Superman
  • She, too, is vulnerable to kryptonite
  • Her first love was her pet horse, with superpowers
  • She is immortal
  • She’s actually more powerful than Superman – she’s kicked his butt in a few of their encounters
  • She has a Super Cat, Streaky, who went on to join the league of Super-Pets
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