Enjoy The Seven 7’s Online Slots Experience

Seven7's Online Slot Logo Source: Microgaming Every once in a while an online slot comes along that completely defies expectations. That slot is Seven 7’s, a game that takes everything a player thinks they know about online slots, and turns it on its head. Using just 1 row, and employing a highly innovative expanding reel system, this latest creation from Crazy Tooth Studio and Microgaming may just revolutionise the world of reel spinning games forever. Seven 7’s is set for release on the 18th of February 2020, and will be live at Euro Palace Casino from then on. Try it out on desktop or mobile, and see for yourself why this may well be the future of slots.

A Blast From The Past

It is the gameplay that really makes Seven 7’s stand apart, but this masterpiece is also a creative experience in the visual department. The artists at Crazy Tooth Studio have gone out of their way to create a nostalgic atmosphere, drawing on retro designs to transport players back to a simpler time. There is little in the way of special effects and flashy graphics in this online slot, but that is exactly what was being aimed for. The focus is on playing, understanding the rules, and enjoying the experience for what it is. Even still, the HD graphics are crisp, and the soundtrack deeply engaging. Seven7s Background Source: Microgaming

Simple Is Better

If someone told you that a modern online slot revolves entirely around 1 reel, and 1 row, you’d probably laugh. But that is exactly what Seven 7’s does. At the start of each spin, just 1 row, 1 payline and 1 reel are active. The reels will expand as the game progresses, but the payline and row will always remain the same. There are also only 3 symbols in total, a 7, BAR, and x2. It almost seems like a joke, but it isn’t. This extremely minimalist setup is the basis of Seven 7’s. But don’t be fooled, this online slot also happens to be one of the most engaging, exciting reel spinning experiences in years. Read on to find out more.

Statistical Information

Seven 7’s is a 1 row game with up to 7 expanding reels. It has a 96.6% RTP, is high volatility, and has 20.83% hit rate. The minimum accepted bet is 0.20 coins, and maximum accepted bet is 10.00 coins. The maximum jackpot amount stands at a whopping 25,000 coins. Seven7s online slot Source: Microgaming

Spinning For 7s

Playing Seven 7’s is easy, with rules that anyone can pick up in just a few moments. At the start of each spin, just the first reel is in play. No other reels will be visible. A bet is made, and a spin initiated. If the reel comes up with a 7 or an x2, a new reel is added, and the spin continues. An x2 doubles the current payout amount. The spin will keep progressing, with the payout amount compounding, as long as a BAR does not land on a reel. Up to 7 total reels can be unlocked in total, which is required for the jackpot amount. Upon a BAR appearing on the reels, the payout amount is finalised, and a new round starts. At the beginning of each round, the reels are always returned to just the original 1. This is all there is to understand about Seven 7’s, with the focus firmly being on uncomplicated gameplay. An additional aspect that aims to make the game more enjoyable is the dynamic paytable feature. Above the reels is a paytable, which updates as each reel is unlocked, informing the player of increasing winning possibilities. Watching the paytable can be an exhilarating experience, letting players know how close they are to hitting the 25,000 maximum jackpot. Intriguing, exciting and really breaking the mould, Seven 7’s is set to change the way we play online slots for the better!
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New players get $/€600 bonus