You say it best when you say it with an emoji

Emojis are everywhere - also at Euro Palace online casino You have to admit it – sometimes life just requires a facepalm, and it appears that in the era of WhatsApp and iMessage it is emojis, rather than variety, that are the spice of life: emojis are peppering instant messages, evolving faster than hieroglyphics ever did and as a result smiley faces are nowadays more ubiquitous than they were in the 60s. Businesses are doing their best to add their own emojis to the selection of the generic Unicode ones, and Sony Pictures made headlines when it bought the rights to an animated emoji movie. And that's only the beginning, we think... In addition to the small screen, emojis are coming to a big screen near you

The (very) brief history of emoji

In case you’ve ever wondered about some of the more exotic emojis available in your emoji menu (nose bubble denoting sleepiness, anyone?), that’s because they were born in Japan as a quirky love child of manga art and Japanese kanji pictograms and have thus retained some of the original quirks. Sure there were ASCII emoticons before but emojis became the true mascots of the image-based social media. Once introduced to the wider audience around 2010, their usage has skyrocketed. Maybe one day some other way of expressing emotion will take over (or we all will just go back to hieroglyphics), but for the time being the future looks a lot like ;) With a film deal in the works, emojis have officially gone mainstream Image credit: Instagram

What will the emoji movie be like?

What do you think the emoji movie will be like? The concept has been considered a license to print money as the movie is not based on a known book, video game or toy and the studio thus does not have to pay for the rights. Also, if you look at some recent popular animated movies, emojis seem like the logical next step… watch out, Minion lovers and home industries on Etsy – supercharged corporate emoji merchandise is coming!
Film feature The LegoMovie Minions InsideOut
Animated? Yes Yes Yes
Characters with yellow faces? Yes Yes Yes
Awfully cute? Yes Yes Yes
Made a lot of money? Yes Yes Yes
Focus on emotions? Um... Banana! Yes
But… how do you make a movie out of emojis? Will there be smiley poops and little monkeys covering their eyes? Well, they’ve got potential. One just hopes the studio does not go for Jimmy Kimmel’s plot though… it still needs some work:

The possibilities of emoji

So far, emoji have been used for a number of things other than instant messaging: Which had us wondering… Could emojis work at an online casino, or at our mobile casino? That's right: if one emoji is worth a thousand words, why not use them at the casino? They’ve already been suggested for online banking authentication… just imagine! Gaming with emoji - a new kind of mobile casino idea? Emojis could potentially transform mobile gaming at Euro Palace and make the games super-light on data, so we’re looking forward to further developments at the emoji front! Looking for fun times? Just one click and you're at Euro Palace online casino
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