Does size really matter?

It's time for Movember! Credit: This is the month of male awesomeness – men show off their impressive growths, strutting around and radiating pride, testosterone and good looks, to raise awareness for men’s health, both mental and physical alike. Women ooh and aaah and completely lose their minds over the impressive male specimens. The bigger and wilder, the better. Or is small and well-groomed a more appealing option? What am I talking about? Why, Movember of course!

Why the mo?

Movember = MOustache + noVEMBER. Simple word-maths really :) Movember is also known as no-shave November, and the aim is clear – men, grow your Mo’s! To be part of the official Movember movement though, it needs to be a real moustache – no side burns, no goatee, no wood chuck beard. Some Movember Mustache styles will blow your mind Credit: The deal with the beard is to raise awareness of men’s health, physical as well as mental, in a public way.  The concept originated in Melbourne, Australia, in 2003, when a group of 30 odd friends decided to bring the moustache back to life and raise funds for prostrate cancer. The movement spread rapidly, much like a beard on fire, and by 2015 millions of men were taking part all over the world. Funds are being raised for charities fighting prostrate cancer, testicular and mental health issues (depression, suicidal tendencies etc.) – to avoid premature male deaths, because these issues are generally kept under wraps. The background behind Movember Credit:

Mo-bros and Mo-Sistas?

Are you picturing an olden day announcer yelling “Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the bearded woman!”? Nope. The Mo-Sistas are quite beardless, luckily. You as a woman can get involved in the Movember movement too, but without having to grow a moustache ;) “Women lead by example, and it’s the women’s health movement that Movember is emulating. Studies have shown that men are less likely to talk about their health, let alone take action.” ( So if you want to get involved as a Mo-Sista, you could wear some moustache-themed accessories or clothing, get the conversation started about Movember, set fundraising goals with fellow Mo-Sistas and get the health talks rolling! Movember accessories for the Mo-Sista Credit:

The rules

The rules are quite simple really:
  1. Register for the Movember Movement.
  2. Start with a blank canvas, i.e. a clean-shaven face.
  3. For the entire month, grow, groom and cherish the mo!
  4. No faking – real moustaches only. It’ll take some getting used to, but you’ll love it at the end.
  5. Start conversations about the issues addressed by Movember and create awareness.
  6. Come December 1st, you and your mo should part ways. Heartbroken? No worries – the next Movember is in its way!
The rules for Movember Credit:

If you want to be a part of the MO-vement:

Be a part of Movember Credit:

So, does size matter?

Let’s just cut straight to the chase – no. What matters is raising awareness, and lots of it. Rocking a super-mo whilst doing that is just an added bonus! If you want to stick out and really draw some attention to yourself, try one of these styles – the bragging rights are sure to follow! Happy Movember, Mo-bros and Mo-Sistas, from all of us at Euro Palace - the #1 online casino with entertaining slot games, realistic table games and much, much more... Movember style guide Credit:
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