The great DC or Marvel debate finally settled?

Marvel vs DC - let the debate begin! Credit: It’s an ancient debate, reaching back as far as your earliest childhood days. A fight worth fighting, even though it caused many a bloody nose and a viable resolution was rarely found. Given recent movie releases, it’s time to stir the debate up again – this time about the cinematic multiverses created by each empire! So get the boxing gloves ready, we’re about to step into the ring with two entertainment giants. Round one - Marvel vs DC Credit:

Round 1: Let the numbers do the talking!

Get those smarty-pants glasses and the calculator ready, time to crunch numbers and let the numbers do the talking! On the DC side of things, stepping up into the ring: Batman and Superman, facing off against Marvel’s Iron Man and Thor: Marvel vs DC - what do the box office numbers say? Credit:
Title Year Worldwide Box Office Production Budget Difference
Man of Steel 2013 $667,999,518 $225,000,000 $442,999,518
The Dark Knight 2008 $1,002,891,358 $185,000,000 $817,891,358
Batman vs. Superman 2016 $868,160,194 $250,000,000 $618,160,194
Iron Man 3 2013 $1,215,392,272 $200,000,000 $1,015,392,272
Thor 2 2013 $644,602,516 $150,000,000 $494,602,516
Avengers 2 2015 $1,404,705,868 $250,000,000 $ 1,154,705,868
Marvel vs DC - the box office number has enormous! Credit: Looking purely at the worldwide box office and the amount invested into the production of the movie, the figures show very clearly which team can turn peanuts into millions… The winner of this showdown is very clearly Team Marvel. Strangely enough, one of the higher budget blockbuster titles in the list (Man of Steel) showed the lowest comparable profit. Uh oh, Team DC… this is worrying!


Marvel: 1

DC: 0

Round 2: Integration or separation?

Each multiverse has its positives, its advantages and reasons for dedicated fandoms. What does matter though is this: the integration of stories and worlds. Marvel vs DC: Which entertainment giant creates a true entertainment world? Credit: Marvel creates a true multiverse, with actors portraying the same characters across various movies and even series, creating a truly interwoven world, combining both movies and series. The downside though – if you miss one movie, you really do miss out on a lot. Consider the latest Captain America movie, Civil War. If you weren’t familiar with the Avengers movies and Iron Man was also not on your radar, you would have spent 147 minutes staring at the screen in bewilderment. [The argument “If you didn’t know the Avengers or Iron Man, you must have lived under a rock.” does not count here.] Marvel vs DC - Marvel creates a true Mulitverse Credit: DC keeps its characters primarily separate, creating individual storylines that hardly ever cross over. The upside – you can choose the heroes you like and watch their shows and movies only, without losing out on the storyline. Which is great, especially if you like living under your Iron Man-less rock. But… consider this! The Flash in the series is not the same Flash as in the movies, so we’re dealing with multiple Barry Allens, Bruce Wayne in the series Gotham™ has nothing in common with the Batman from the movies and so it continues. The worlds created by DC are simply disjointed. Marvel vs DC: DC creates disjointed worlds Credit: However, I do need to remain impartial whilst you and your friends are already debating this matter rather heatedly. The score of this will have to be a tie – each to their own and all those sayings. Points to both sides! Team DC is catching up….


Marvel: 2

DC: 1

Round 3: Heroes and their antics

Hero - a person, typically a man, who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. So says Google™ when prompted for a definition for this word. Let’s not enter into debate about the “man”, but instead focus on the heroic qualities. Keeping it in the cinematic multiverse, Team DC would have to be represented by Batman and Superman again, as new heroes have yet to be the main characters on the big screen. So, in short, Batman will represent Team DC this time. Marvel vs DC: Team DC is represented by Batman in the Hero-face-off Credit: Team Marvel on the other hand could be represented by a vast array of heroes, you could take your pick, really! The sheer size of the empire created by Marvel makes this battle a little harder, but I have decided to zero in on Captain America and Thor. To keep it even, let’s pick a human who became a hero too – Captain America. Marvel vs DC: Team Marvel is represented by Captain America Credit: Do you know that Thor can make your casino experience godly? That's because Euro Palace offers the amazing, incredible and entertaining slot games Thunderstruck and Thunderstruck II! Start your lucky streak at Euro Palace online casino The ultimate slot game at Euro Palace: Thunderstruck II The Cap became a symbol of hope and valor, leading troops and courageously risking his life to save fellow soldiers. Bruce Wayne, a multimillionaire fueled by revenge decided to take down Gotham’s criminals. Captain America left part of the Avengers behind to continue saving cities from the terrible bullies. Batman embarked on a vendetta against Superman because he was convinced Superman was a villain and a threat. In this particular battle of the heroes, the point is going to have to go to Team Marvel. However, Batman realizes his mistakes and teams up with Superman, so I think Team DC does deserve a point for showing that a change of heart can be a good thing. Marvel vs DC: both our heroes are quite heroic! Credit:


Marvel: 3

DC: 2

‘nuf said. Marvel wins.

Somewhat anti-climatic ending? Yes, I agree. At the end of the day we need to be honest about this: Both empires cater to an audience that enjoys heroes being heroic and villains being beaten in epic fight scenes. The enterprises themselves are two different worlds though, each has their positives and negatives. There cannot be one clear, unbiased win from either side. Take off the boxing gloves, sit down on the couch with your mates and watch endless amounts of DC and Marvel movies, enjoy each others’ company and keep dreaming about the hero you want to be. Marvel vs DC: rather than fight, join up and be the heroes you want to be! Credit:
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