Great European road trips you must do in your lifetime

road trip europe Credit: We all like to drive our cars, even though most of the time we use it to stand in traffic jams or to bring us just from A to B. So why don’t we take out our cars more often to go on an epic road trip through the wonderful places Europe has to offer? It’s not like we have to walk the distance. On the contrary, our wonderful car does everything for us. We just have to guide it or set its GPS. If you don’t know which destination you should choose, take a look at the below road trip destinations which will surely inspire you. road trip 2 Credit:

Route One, Iceland

There is no landscape that comes even close to the spectacular extremes which Iceland has to offer. Volcanoes, lava fields, ash deserts, waterfalls, hot springs and geysers are just a few of the things that make sure your road trip will be epic. Route One is the best way to explore wonderful Iceland as it circumnavigates the whole island. Some parts are so remote they only got completed in 1974. So what are the highlights? Well, there are several, but the beautiful bleak ash fields of the north-east, the hot springs at Myvatn and the scenic west coast are surely among the most beautiful things you’ll see along the route. road trip romania Credit:

The Transfagarasan, Romania

Every car fanatic that watched Top Gear knows this road as it is one of the favorite roads of Jeremy Clarkson. It was built to ensure that in the event of a Sovjet invasion, there would be a quick way out of the country. And while it was never used for that reason, it did make sure that car enthusiasts from all over the world come to this place to enjoy the magical road. It’s an incredible piece of engineering with tunnels, viaducts and bridges and if you want to practice navigating your car through a hairpin bend, this is the place to do it. Already thinking about taking your four-wheeled monster out on a road trip? Maybe our Monster Wheels online slot can put you in the mood. At Euro Palace Online Casino we sure know how to drive straight into the jackpot. Monster wheels online slot

play monster wheelsTrollstigen, Norway

This stretch is only about 4 miles long, but boy… does it deliver!! All you get is a cascading waterfall, 11 tight hairpin bends, breathtaking mountain views, crazy steep inclines and awe-inspiring glimpses of the twisting route unfolding before our eyes. On the way, there are great viewing platforms offering endless photographic opportunities. It is just amazing to think how this road has been build and the fact that the dramatic and vast landscape is the perfect setting for it just makes it even more special. Certainly worth the road trip up north. Road trip Norway Credit: Have you done any of these road trips?
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