Extroverts Guide To Working From Home

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Recently, many businesses have made the move to remote working and employees have had to set up home offices to do the job they’d usually do surrounded by other people. No, a license to work remotely isn’t an invitation to spend all day watching TV or surfing the net, it is a challenge to adapt to a new environment, and still be productive. When you’ve finished your work for the day you can however dive into the games at Euro Palace Online Casino and really reward yourself!

It is, arguably, the extroverts among us that are going to struggle most to conform to a remote work situation. Given that an extrovert thrives on the company of others, they are virtually being stripped of everything that makes them comfortable.

But there need not be despair. With a few basic rules, a solid schedule, and the wonders of modern technology, it is a challenge that can be overcome.

New Rules

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The first, and most important new rule for an extrovert working from home is an obvious one; discipline. A remote work situation means that a schedule has to be personally decided on, and stuck to. This seems obvious, and like something that would be easy, but it isn’t. Creating your own working hours can be overwhelming, especially when there is no one watching over you.

An excellent approach is to carefully create a timesheet, with each slot of the day accounted for. Remember to fit in coffee and lunch breaks, of course. Once a timesheet has been adopted, it must be stuck to with no exceptions. Once the allocated slots are broken even a single time, the risk runs high for things to spiral out of control.

Being Social Remotely

But sticking to a schedule probably isn’t what extroverts are most concerned about. It’s the isolation factor. Yes, there is a high risk of getting lonely, feeling cut off, and getting anxious.

But you’re probably forgetting that we live in the age of the fastest and most convenient internet ever dreamed of. First, staying in touch with your essential work colleagues is essential. Organise with your colleagues, arrange for lines of communication to be established via a preferred chatting app, and be sure to monitor those channels.

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In terms of just plain social interactions, however, this will depend on you and the work friends you’ve made. You can easily arrange for a group chat to be opened, which you can ‘hang out’ in during your lunch hour. You’d be surprised how quickly a virtual socialisation arrangement can become natural. You can even extend this to group online games, which are excellent at keeping work relationships fresh.

Don’t Be Afraid To Reach Out

Most important of all, both in relation to work and socialisation, don’t be afraid to reach out if you’re feeling anxious. One rut that many extroverts get into is feeling cut off, and not knowing how to deal with it. It can get overwhelming quickly and result in poor work performance.

Remember that other extroverted colleagues and friends will also likely be struggling from time to time and welcome your communication. Discuss with friends how to best approach the challenge and stick to the plans you make.

Organising remote after work activities is often a lifesaver for isolated extroverts, and you may even find that they become a firm favourite activity. Even after self-isolation measures have been relaxed.

Lastly, try and enjoy what will be a passing situation. Learning to work independently is a very useful and valuable attribute. It may even teach you interesting things about yourself, and even put into a finer perspective your time physically being in the office. Pro-tip – it may blow you away how productive you are when separated from others!

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