From the window to the wall…

Home design: turning your house into a home! Credit: Time to turn your house into a home! Usually this screams frilly doilies, magazines on the coffee table and a photo of gramps and his prize pig Waldo on the wall. But how’s about turning a house into a trendy home, one that will make all visitors “oooh” and “aaah”, without having to feel like you’re living in a glass box? Sound good? Well, let’s get decorating!

Burning down the house…no, scratch that idea

Although a little fire can’t do any harm? Especially if it is in the right place. Please keep your inner arsonist hidden though – I am talking about fireplaces! Real wood-fireplaces with a chimney, fireplaces using gas fires or plain holes in the wall with decorative piles of wood, all fireplaces are making a rapid comeback to being the centrepiece of the room. Arranging furniture around the TV is last season, you should be sitting at the fireplace and possibly be making s’mores! (Fool-proof s’mores recipe here) Home design: Nothing more homey than a fireplace - the new centre of focus for any room Credit:

We are family…I’ve got all my saucers with me!

Continuing the trend of cosy times around the fireplace is the re-introduction of traditional tableware to the dinner table. Yes, that’s right: design trends are suggesting that it’s high time to have a family dinner again! And not pizza from the box – the real deal! Soup terrines, gravy boats, platters and silverware are making a speedy comeback into creating not only a homey, but also a trendy atmosphere in every household. The best part – you don’t need to go out to buy new things, retro is chic! Gran’s crockery is perfect. Enjoy the next family meal :) Home design trends dicatcte that family meals with the full set of crockery ate the latest trend Credit:

Boom, boom, boom…you want this in your room!

And what do you want in your room? Raffia! This natural fibre drawn from the Raffia palms is usually used as twine or for the weaving of baskets, hats and shoes. Its texture reminds of beach holidays, long walks over the dunes and the cool summer breeze gently kissing your face as you sip a cocktail in the shade… you catch my drift! And that’s why you want this in your room. Raffia décor in the form of rugs, pillows, lampshades, side tables and stools is where it’s at! The new home designtrend lies with Raffia, the natural fibre that is universal Credit:

Every rose has its thorn…and every garden has its pots

Well, it should at least! Sustainability and container gardening are the design must-have for outdoors this season. Pots and planters are becoming increasingly popular for small-scale landscaping projects – whether you have a proper garden or live on the 11th floor of a 39-storey building, gardening and creating miniature worlds is a good way to bring both nature and variety into your life! Home design: incorporating nature into your home - pots and planters are a must have! Credit: And on that note... happy decorating!
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