Baccarat Online Strategy

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Playing Baccarat is a lot of fun, especially if you’re doing so at Euro Palace Casino. The game is simple but intriguing and entertaining, and it’s no wonder it’s a favourite pastime of James Bond!

The games of Baccarat online are completely chance based, so its results are always random and cannot be predicted. There is no fool-proof way of ensuring a win, and it’s important to keep that in mind. However, there are some strategies that can make your gameplay even more engaging.

Basic Advice

To start off, we need to be 100% clear about something when it comes to playing Baccarat online, or any other game for that matter. Never bet money that you can’t afford to lose. The house edge here is lower than in many other games, as long as you don’t bet on a tie, but you’re still likelier to lose than to win. Budget what you’re going to spend, enjoy the playing action itself, and treat any win as a pleasant surprise.

The only 3 possible wagers that you can place are that the Player hand will win, that the Banker hand will win, or that the hands will tie. You can choose to vary the predictions you make, but the likeliest bet is always on the Banker hand winning. With a house edge of over 14%, most experts say they never put money on a tie result.

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In short, then, the best chance of you coming out on top in Baccarat online is to always back the Banker hand, no matter what happens in each round. The payout is lowest but so are the odds, so you have a better chance of walking away with some wins at least. You can opt to bet a flat rate or choose a positive or negative progression strategy.

Progression Strategy Bets

Various progression strategies can be applied to Baccarat and other games. They differ in the amount that you wager, and the amount that you increase or decrease your stake by, but their basic principles are the same. In positive progression strategies you raise your bet when you win and lower it when you lose. In negative progression strategies, you do the opposite. Some of the most famous progression strategies are the Fibonacci, D’Alembert and Martingale systems.

Flat Betting

When you place flat bets on Baccarat online results, you bet the same amount whether you won or lost the previous round. This minimises your risk of a losing streak, so you can afford to bet greater amounts and will actually win more frequently than if you were using positive or negative progression. If you’re a beginner and are still getting comfortable with the game, this is a great option.

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What Do You Want From Baccarat Online?

Getting your losses down to an absolute minimum in Baccarat online is quite simple; you just need to place flat bets and back the Banker hand in every round, no matter what the outcome is. If you enjoy the game at this level, by all means, play like this.

For those who feel like they want a little more unpredictability, backing the Player hand to win or even a tie can shake things up a little. You can also opt to go with a positive or negative progressive betting strategy. Just remember, you won’t win as often as with consistent flat wagers on the Banker hand.

Ultimately, you’re playing this game because you want to relax and enjoy yourself – so place your bets in the way that allows you to do that most. Keep a cool head, manage your bankroll, and savour the glamour of 007’s gambling pastime of choice!

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