5 Fab Mini Health Boosters

Plank your way to good health Source: Pixabay You’re in a comfy position on the couch, you have a cold beer or a cup of coffee depending on your mood, and you’ve just started the next season of your favourite show; not exactly in a great position to go for a 45-minute jog. On the other hand, you also haven’t left your couch for 5 hours straight, which isn’t what could be referred to as a picture of good health, and you want to be that picture! It’s a dilemma, for sure. But don’t throw up your hands in exasperation just yet. It turns out that you need not abandon your couch forever in the pursuit of health and fitness. Or at least, you need not abandon it for more than a few minutes. These amazing and quick health boosters will give your body a burst of activity, while not occupying more valuable time than is absolutely necessary. So, try one of these short but intense activities, and get right back to the couch with a sense of self-satisfaction. Everyone is happy.

Sun Salutations

You’re probably aware of what a sun salutation is, at least if you’ve had even a glimpse of yoga at some point in your life. Yes, yoga requires a bit of flexibility, but as every yogi in the world ever said; you are never the wrong shape, too inflexible, or too unfit to do yoga. You can do a few sun salutations just about anywhere, and they are also apparently great for not only getting your body active, but also for soothing a distracted mind. This is ideal if you want to play at online casinos afterwards, as you’ll have better focus and a better chance of success. Now that’s a win-win right there.


Exactly as the name says, squats are a prime example of managing some exercise in any space you can stand in. Just stand with feet slightly apart, keep your head straight, and squat. Then repeat. Keep repeating until you feel as if exercise has been achieved. It doesn’t seem like it, but a simple squat is working a great many essential muscles in the body. Plus, they don’t require more than two minutes, and will leave you satisfyingly breathless.

Hit The Stairs

If you have stairs in your immediate vicinity, running up and down them happens to be an excellent way to get you sweating. The key is to start by simply walking them, before working up to running them. In essence, they’re the slightly extended version of the squats. Of course, if you don’t have stairs in the vicinity of your living room, you can always settle for lunges. Sun salutations give you a boost Source: Pixabay


Once a very lame meme, planking happens to be excellent exercise and it gives you an endorphin kick to boost your mood, too. The key is to hold up your body weight with your arms, via hands or elbows, and keep your hips in line with your shoulders. Now, hold it. For how long? As long as you can, up to two minutes. It really isn’t as easy as it looks.

Mountain Climbing

No, not the kind with actual mountains. We’re trying to keep this in your living room, remember? Instead this exercise involves holding the aforementioned plank position, with arms extended, and raising your knees up to your chest in quick succession. Needless to say, you probably won’t keep it up for two minutes in total. It’s tough, but really is just about the best mini-workout you can get, quickly.

Go Outside

Now we are breaking the living room rule here, but have you ever thought about just going outside? Not doing anything in particular once you’re out there, but just sort of walking around, breathing, and looking at whatever is around you? It really is amazing how rejuvenating and pleasant a quick trip into the outside world can be, especially if you’ve been glued to your couch for hours. Plus, why not try one of the above-mentioned exercises in the garden? You’ll be ticking 2 boxes at once, so you’ll feel doubly good.
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