The top 5 travel essentials you must pack

Airplane in skySummer is almost over but that doesn’t mean that you can’t squeeze in one last trip before autumn starts. If you’re really craving some sun than I recommend choosing a destination in the southern hemisphere as spring is approaching there. Nevertheless, whatever you decide, I’ve compiled a list of five essential you must pack for your next trip. I never go overseas without these, and these items make travelling less stressful.

1. Ear plugs and eye mask

These are plane essentials. If you struggle to fall asleep in the airplane then investing in a good pair of ear plugs is important. Just as handy is an eye mask. You can shut out the light and get some sleep in a not-so-comfy environment. Don’t forget to pack these into your carry-on.

2. Copies of your passport

Losing your passport in a foreign country is not ideal, to say the least. Your vacation will be ruined, and you’ll spend hours trying to find the book and then possibly trying to contact your embassy. For this reason I suggest you make colour copies of your passport before you leave. Also get your hands on a nifty travel document holder. Some holders have little compartments in which you can keep safe your pens and bank cards.

3. Universal plug adapter

This is a great tool to have, especially if you have packed appliances such as a hairdryer or charger for your mobile phone. You can find a single unit compact in any appliances store. Try to find one with a USB adapter. Most of the reliable ones are affordable, and you can use it for all your trips. I recommend taking your phone or tablet with you because you can play at Euro Palace Mobile Casino in the airport. Then you can charge your device at the hotel. So it goes without saying that you must not forget to pack your charger for your phone or tablet.

4. Travel size toothpaste

Lots of people forget a mini toothpaste tube in their carry-on, and it’s such as shame because it’s so handy to have. If you prefer to freshen up at the airport like I do, then make sure you pack a small tube of toothpaste and a small toothbrush in your carry-on. Some airlines include these in their passenger hand-outs so just remember to pack into your bag.

5. Comfy footwear for the plane

If you fly often you will have noticed that airplanes are not the cleanest of places. Further, while you want get comfy, especially on a night flight, you might avoid removing your shoes so as not to get your feet dirty. The solution? Get a pair of comfy footwear that you don’t mind getting dirty. Snoozies, little socks that double-up as slippers, are useful. Or you can carry a pair of old flip-flops. Do you have any items you simply cannot do without when you travel? Start your lucky streak at Euro Palace online casino
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