The best PC zombie games

The best PC zombie gamesHalloween has passed, but we’re still loving the range of scary games on the market. The range of zombie games has grown in the past few years due to the popularity of the genre, fueled by zombies and vampires and other scary creatures in TV shows, movies, and books. Shows like The Walking Dead, spawned from the classic comic book series, is a good example of the intertextuality of the zombie genre. This is also evident in PC gaming. Today there are so many monster themed video games that you can choose from.


about tech/Bob the Game Development Bot Source: about tech/Bob the Game Development Bot© Survivalist followers Joe Wheeler, over whom the player has control, who has survived a zombie apocalypse and lives in a safe bunker, having avoided a virus that turned everyone into zombies. The player must assist Wheeler when he exits the bunker to collect food and find other survivors. The goal is to build a community of survivors. Typical RPG features of the game include skills and abilities and character creation. The game allows freedom of choice in which you must achieve certain objectives. Developer Bob the Game Development Bot has done a great job and the game is worth a play on Steam. You can even play a in demo mode for free for 30 minutes, but the game costs an affordable $4,99.

Call of Duty World at War

call of duty world at war Source: about tech/©Activision This game was released back in 2008 but it’s certainly worth a revisit. Gameplay is quite simple. It’s set in World War II where Nazi zombies have taken over. A group of four players assembles to fight them, and you, as the player, must navigate your way through the battle. The objective is to kill as many zombies as you can and maintain your base as you go along.


h1z1 Source: abouttech/©Daybreak Game Company This multiplayer game is set in the United States which is also a victim of a zombie apocalypse. The game has proven very popular. As with World at War, your aim is to cooperate with the game’s characters to face the zombie threat. The game does not contain the traditional plot in which players are pitted against each other. The game was released in January and technical setbacks earned it negative reviews. However, these are expected to be fixed as the game is still in its development stage.

Dead Island

Dead Island Source: abouttech/Techland© Another zombie survival game, Dead Island takes place in a fictional South Pacific Island, following traditional zombie game plots in which the island has been taken over by zombies. This multiplayer game lets you can choose from four heroes, from four classes, called the Tank, Assassin, Jack of All Trades, and Support. You will earn skill points as you execute tasks and missions. Dead Island was released in 2011 and consists of a series of four games: Riptide, Escape Dead Island, Dead Island: Epidemic, and soone-to-be-released Dead Island 2.

Walking Dead Season One

walking dead s1 Source: about tech/©Telltale Games Telltale’s first season of The Walking Dead is still our favourite. There’s nothing better than walking dead zombies, and we love playing the game version of the TV show. Plus, The Walking Dead combines traditional gameplay, such as third person play, with great graphics and effects. Also cool is being able to interact with characters in the game. The game was release back in 2012 and the sequels in 2013 and 2014. Season Three will be out in 2016. Play scary games now  
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