Temporary bio-wearables may soon save your life

tech-tattoo-temporary-tattoo-fitness-tracker Image courtesy of Chaotic Moon Studios Chaotic Moon Studios, a small creative company based out of Austin Texas, is setting the tech world alight with their proposed temporary bio-wearable devices. Ben Lamm, CEO of Chaotic Moon Studios explains the company’s direction on the project stating, “We are exploring a new frontier of bio wearables with a project we are calling Tech Tats.” The technology will allow doctors to fit you with a temporary device in order to track your vitals over a course of time. The doctor would then be able to use that data to track your health and quickly identify any potential issues. The idea of wearable biodevices that track our bodily functions is not a new concept. The recent explosion of wearable technology from the FitBit to record breaking sales of the Apple iWatch have cemented the idea into popular consciousness. However, few can argue that the technology is still well behind achieving truly impressive results in the field. Could Chaotic Moon Studios be one step closer to wearable technology that will seamlessly integrate into our lives with truly practical applications? Take a look at the pitch and decide for yourself? In addition to commercial medical applications, the company is also exploring uses for military personnel and cardless transactions. The technology has endless applications in which the integration of technology and human interaction is necessary. Although development is still in it’s early stages, the company has hinted at the possibility of the Tech Tats being sold as a kit with which multiple Tats could be created. Would you wear a Tech Tat?
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