Musicians who are also good athletes

Image: Image: They’re mostly known for their inspiring and distinctive voices, god-like aura and timeless songs. But did you also know that some of history’s most famous musicians also excelled in the sports arena and were also fairly decent or even amazing athletes? Here is a list of some famous musicians who were/are also good athletes:

50 Cent 

Image: Image: Taking into account his rather imposing frame, you might not be surprised to learn that rapper and actor 50 Cent (AKA Curtis Jackson) was quite a good boxer, and even competed in the Junior Olympics during the mid-1980s.  He began boxing at about age 11.

Jamie Foxx 

Image: Image: Having already proved to be an all-rounder with his successful exploits in film, television and music, it seems fitting that Jamie Foxx has also left his mark in the sporting arena. Foxx played American football and basketball in high school and was a quarterback in his high school gridiron team .This practical experience must have come in handy when he played an ambitious quarterback in Any Given Sunday. Bob Marley  Image: Image: If any musician is the embodiment of reggae, then it must be Bob Marley, whose expertly crafted songs have also brought reggae to the forefront of world attention. Surprisingly , Marley was reportedly an excellent football player, and soccer star Alan Cole even believed that he could have been a highly successful professional player, had he not chosen music over football.

Gwen Stefani  

Image: Image: Before she became better known as the lead singer of No Doubt and a mega-star solo artist, Gwen Stefani was a member of the swimming team at Loara High School in Anaheim, California.


Image: Image: It might not be immediately obvious (mainly due to his vertical challenges), but the recently departed Prince was apparently a decent high school basketball player before he changed pop music forever with tunes such as Purple Rain and Kiss.

Sheryl Crow 

Image: Image: With her lithe, lean, athletic frame, it’s not too much of a shock to find out that songbird Sheryl Crow was a track athlete in high school. She seems to have an interest in sports stars as well, considering she dated the now disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong.

Britney Spears 

Britney Spears Image: Many people have said many things about Britney Spears, but not too many people know that she was a point guard for her high school basketball team in Mcomb, Mississippi. She quickly dropped basketball though when a little song called Hit Me Baby One More Time was released… What do you prefer: music or sport-themed slots, or both?
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