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Weldons of Dublin Weldon's of Dublin If you think about what you have, what is the most expensive thing that you own? A car, house, a piece of furniture, jewelry or a piece of artwork? As the saying goes 'one's man trash is another man's treasure' so it is possible for a person or an institution to have something rare or valuable at any given time. While most robberies involve money, over the years we have seen more and more thefts of items or objects worth a fortune. Here are some examples of items that were stolen and either recovered or are still missing to date.

Fabergé Eggs

artnet News artnet News These eggs were created by Peter Carl Faberge for the Russian royal family in the 17th century. After the people overthrew the monarchy and killed the royal family, this collection was also stolen. By then it was valued at about $1,000,000 and to date, only 44 have surfaced and 8 are still missing.

T-Rex Bones A sub-species of Tyrannosaurus was discovered in Mongolia in 1945 and remained intact until 1945. Eric Prokopi then smuggled its bones from there to the United States using forged documents. He then sold them to someone in Manhattan for $1.1 million. It was not long before the FBI heard about this sale tracked Prokopi down and discovered he had  been smuggling fossils illegally. He was arrested and the bones returned.

The Scream This iconic artwork was created by artist Edvard Munch. The work depicts a turbulent landscape with a figure of a person with an agonizing expression. Word has it that four versions of this artwork were created and the version that was housed at the Norway's national Gallery was stolen by armed robbers. They demanded a 1 million dollar ransom for it and although they didn't get the amount, the gallery recovered the artwork two years later.

Ruby Slippers These were one of the four pairs of slippers that were used when filming the 1939 Hollywood release, The Wizard of Oz. Two of the pairs were placed at the National Museum of American History and Judy Garland Museum in Minnesota, respectively. However, in 2005, the slippers were stolen from the Minnesota museum and haven't been found to date. They are currently worth between 2 and 3 million dollars.

A Stradivarius

eXtravaganzi eXtravaganzi This violin was used by the famous violinist named Erica Morini. Someone broke into her New York apartment and stole it and has not been found to date. This 17th century violin is worth over 3 million dollars.  
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