Place the pages: 8 literary locations that exist in real life

Mapping-Literature-Post-Feature Ever found it hard to put down a good book purely because it magically transported you to another time and a far more lovely and adventurous place? Well, for a lot of famous literature, fans will be excited at the prospect that many of these locations were set in or based on existing places in the real world. Have a look at some of these well-known haunts, and see if any strike your fancy (although we can assume that smoggy Mordor probably wouldn't be at the top of that list):

8. Harry Potter's Platform Nine and Three-Quarters, the portal to the Hogwarts Express - from the books written by J. K. Rowling

King's Cross Station, London, England

Platform-Nine-and-Three-Quarters Image courtesy

7. Twilight's Bella Italia Restaurant - from the books written by Stephanie Meyer

Port Angeles, Washington, United States of America

Bella-Italia Image courtesy

6. Holden Caulfield's Central Park Duck Lagoon - from The Catcher in the Rye, written by J. D. Salinger

New York, New York, United States of America

Duck-Lagoon-Central-Park Image courtesy

5. Batman's Arkham Asylum from a variety of DC Comics storylines - inspired by Danvers State Hospital

Massachusetts, New England, United States of America

Danvers-State-Hospital Image courtesy

4. Davy Byrne's Pub, Leopold Bloom's hangout - from James Joyce's Ulysses

Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Davy-Byrnes-Pub-Dublin Image courtesy

3. Anastasia Steele's guilty pleasure, Voodoo Doughnuts - from 50 Shades of Grey written by E. L. James

Portland, Oregon, United States of America

Voodoo-Doughnuts Image courtesy

2. Mordor, also known as the heavily-polluted Birmingham Black Country - from The Lord of the Rings (among other books) by J. R. R. Tolkien

Birmingham, England

Birmingham-Black-Country Image courtesy

1. The severely haunted, super creepy Stanley Hotel, or "Overlook Hotel" - from The Shining by Stephen King

Estes Park, Colorado, United States of America

The-Stanley-Hotel Image courtesy Did you know? There is a map of the planet where people all over the world can locate scenes of their very favourite literary happenings, at Placing Literature Website Want to browse for a new adventure? Have a look at last year's top five picks, or if you're feeling the need for something a bit more casino-oriented, have a look at five casino-savvy choices.  
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