Can the Huawei P30 Compete With The Samsung Galaxy S10?

Samsung and Huawei battle it out Source: There are many deep, enduring questions that humans have contemplated. Chocolate versus vanilla. Salt versus pepper. Sand versus snow. But perhaps the most hotly debated question, and the one most likely to keep you up at night, is whether the Huawei P30 Pro can compete with the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Yes, it’s a contest for the history books. In all seriousness; most would probably declare the Galaxy S10 the winner straight off the bat, given that Samsung is simply a much more widely known brand name. After all, it’s Samsung. The real contest is between Samsung and Apple, who even spares a thought for the likes of a Huawei model, right? But it may not be as cut and dried as you’d think. Else, we wouldn’t be a bothering to talk about it. Let’s take a closer look at these two cutting edge phones and see which one comes out on top. Keeping in mind that the P30 Pro was released on April 15th, and the S10 Plus hit the market on March 8th. The question here is, which one of the two are you going to put your money on?

Basics And Overview

A brief overview quickly reveals that the phones are extremely similar, but with a few big pros and cons with either model. This is likely exactly what the two companies were going for; you may beat us in that regard, but we have you beat in this regard, and so on. Both support 4G, so you won’t have any trouble playing your favourite online casino games on either device. Both also have dual SIM cards, fingerprint scanners and Dolby Atmos. A notable difference of some significance is that the P30 Pro has a USB Type-C audio port, while the S10 Plus sticks to 3.5mm.

Specs – Power And Storage

The Huawei P30 Source: In terms of hardware specifics there isn’t really one clear overall winner. Both devices use 64-bit architecture, which is to be expected. Both have 8 gigabytes of RAM, which is more or less standard at this point. But the S10 has a slightly more powerful graphics chip, the Mali-G76 MP12, to the P30 Pro’s Mali-G76 MP10. Not an enormous step up though. Interestingly, the processors are so close as to barely be distinguishable, with only the most minor differences. Brand names and such aside, in terms of gigahertz there is only the slightest advantage given to the S10, but so small as to hardly matter. In terms of storage space we have a bit of a dilemma. The base storage space of the P30 is 256GB, more than the S10’s 128GB. But in terms of expandable storage, the P30 can only go up to 256GB, while the S10 can leap up to 512GB.

Screen And Camera

Display and camera quality are where the two models go down separate paths. This department is what will probably sway buyers one way or the other. The P30 has a display resolution of 1080 x 2340, and the S10 1440 x 3040 pixels. That’s 398 pixels per inch to 526 difference. In other words; the S10 is coming out on top in a significant way. The stills camera however, is where the P30 excels, and likely the selling point Huawei are banking on. There is, to put it simply, no contest. The P30 blows the S10 out the water. Maximum image size is 7360 x 4912 versus 4000 x 3000 Pixels, or 32 megapixels to 10. It’s a giant leap up. The S10 can however record higher resolution videos; 3840x2160 to the P30 Pro’s 1920x1080. So, tit for tat.

Device Size, Display Size And Battery

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Source: There is not much to say here, other than that the devices are very similar in physical specifications. It can all be summed up by saying that the P30 is ever so slightly bigger, but barely to a noticeable degree. The P30 screen size is also ever so slightly bigger however with a lower resolution, but also not to a significant degree in terms of physical size. The P30 does have a better battery life though, which is significant. More time online can be a big selling point. That’s 4,200 mAh versus 4,100 mAh. General consensus seems to be that the P30 Pro lasts a great deal longer than other mainstream devices. With a lower resolution screen, don’t forget. Likewise, tit for tat.


There is no slam-dunk winner when putting these two devices head to head. Unless you are looking for a significantly better stills camera and don’t care much about other benefits. Yes, the stills camera is leagues better on the P30 Pro, but the Samsung S10 Plus has a higher resolution screen, and can record much higher resolution videos. So, there are pros and cons to either device, almost making you draw the conclusion that the two companies balance out competition in a very careful way. In the end, it is simply is a matter preference as to which benefits most catch your eye, but we’d have to say that yes, the P30 Pro is a very worthy competitor for the Galaxy S10.
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