Online Roulette Glossary

Roulette wheel Source: pixabay An important aspect to gambling successfully is knowing as much as possible about whatever game you are playing. You want to appear like a seasoned insider, and be cool, calm and collected as you place your bets. Our glossary of common terms and phrases will help you do just that as you enjoy our world-class versions of online Roulette.


Black Bet: An Outside Bet, predicting that the next panel the ball hits will be black. Pays out even money.


Carre: French term for Corner Bet. Cheval: French term for Split Bet. Colonne: French term for Column Bet. Column Bet: Inside Bet placed on a range of numbers arranged in columns on the betting table. Pays out 2:1. Combination Bet: Any wager with chips on more than 1 spot on the board. Corner Bet: Inside Bet where the chip touches the corners of 4 numbers on the layout, and you are predicting that 1 of those numbers will win.


Dozen Bet: Outside Bet that the ball will land on 1 of 12 numbers. Return is 2:1. Roulette Table Source: pixabay


En Plein: French term for Straight Bet. En Prison: French phrase meaning ‘In Prison’ and relating to a rule applied to Outside Bets in French land-based and online Roulette games. If the ball hits 0, players can choose to either take back half of their Outside Bet, or leave it in play for another spin. If the next spin is also a 0, the whole stake is forfeited. Even Bet: Outside Bet that the ball will land in an even-numbered pocket next. Pays out even money.


Five Number Bet: Inside Bet in American Roulette, that the ball will hit 0, 00, 1, 2 or 3.


High Bet: Outside Bet that the next number to hit will be from 19 to 36. Returns even money.


Inside Bet: Wager placed on the inside track of the betting table.


La Partage: French term meaning ‘Sharing’; refers to a rule in French Roulette that applies Outside Bets. Similar to En Prison, but players get half of their losing Outside Bet returned to them without the En Prison’s option of an extra spin. Line Bet: Inside wager that the ball will land on 1 of the numbers set out in 2 rows of 3 on the Layout. Low Bet: Outside Bet predicting that the next hit will be on a number between 1 and 18. Pays out even money.


Mini Roulette: Exciting variation of online Roulette featuring a smaller wheel that only has 13 panels, the green 0 and the red and black 1 to 12. Payouts are adjusted, gameplay is faster than the original version, and every spin that ends in 0 returns half of all losses. Roulette in action Source: pixabay


Odd Bet: Outside Bet that the next panel the ball lands on will have an odd number. Returns even money. Orphans: inside Bet that the ball will land on 6, 34 or 13. Orphelins: French Roulette Combination Bet on 5 areas of the table, covering 8 numbers in total. The numbers are adjacent on the wheel. Outside Bets: Wagers placed on the outside track of the layout.


Red Bet: Outside Bet predicting that the next panel the ball hits will be red. Even money payout.


Split Bet: Inside Bet covering 2 adjacent numbers on the layout; made by placing chips on the intersection between the numbers. Pays out 17:1. Straight Bet: Inside Bet specifying the exact number that the ball will hit next. Highest risk and return in online Roulette, with a 35:1 payout. Street Bet: Inside Bet on a row of 3 numbers on the layout, pays out 11:1.


Transversale: French term for Street Bet.


Voisins du Zero: French term meaning Neighbours of Zero; Inside Bet on a particular range of numbers next to the 0 panel on the wheel.
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