2017: Get your geek on!

2017: Get your geek on! Credit: Wallpapers.com 2017 is the best possible year to unleash your inner geek. Yes, that is a thing, and yes, you have a little bit of geek in you! (And no, I am not crazy.) Once frowned upon, the self-labelled geeks are becoming increasingly popular. One needs to bear in mind that a geek is not a horn-rimmed spectacle-wearing, suspender-and-corduroy pants sporting, bucktoothed little kid, as often shown in movies. A geek is, by definition of the modern use of the word, someone deeply interested in a matter and the intellectual pursuit thereof. So, get your geek on, 2017 is going to be epic! What type of geek are you? (If you’re currently tugging at your football jersey, hollering “I ain’t no geek”, think again. And read this) Some geek-lights 2017 in a handy, printable format, of course: Geek-Life 2017- the planner

Gaming geek

geeks 2017 Gaming Credit: geek-play.comGeek – Meet, make, play”, that’s the motto of one of the biggest gaming geek conventions in the world. GEEK2017 is held in Margate (UK) from 17-19 February and offers an incredible variety of events and attractions, including a cosplay parade, a vintage arcade, tournaments, talks and storytelling, app design and invention, an art lab, board game workshops, meet’n’greets with comic designers and game designers, ballroom bitz, Mario Kart anniversary items, live action role play (LARP) and multiplayer Renga tournaments. Geek 2017: Gaming at Euro Palace If gaming in a casino sense is more your thing, then Euro Palace certainly won't disappoint! 2017 will be packed with exciting promotions, fantastic competitions, ample new games and endless entertainment with online slot games, table games, progressives and other enticing games!

Gadget geek

Geeks 2017 Gadget Geek Credit: thegadgetflow.com Laptop. Smartphone. One and the same. #MindBlown!  Well kind of anyway. The XFINITUM allows you to transform your smartphone into a laptop by enhancing the functionality of your smartphone. The process is rather simple – download the app, pair it with your XFINITUM laptop et voila! Increased storage space, phenomenal battery life, simple functionality, mind-blowing technology. When can you expect this product? May 2017 is the estimated timeframe for the mass release.

Music geek

Geeks 2017 Music Geek Credit: shopify.com As a self-professed music geek you’ll know that this album has been out since November, but I still consider it to be a geeking highlight for 2017: Blink 182’s Take off your pants and jacket 2XLP. This limited edition vinyl release is particularly awesome because the LP is red! And later in the year an even more awesome deluxe limited edition LP will be released…

Star Wars geek

Geeks 2017 Star Wars Geek Credit: cinemablend.com December 2017 promises the long-awaited release of Star Wars: Episode VIII. This film isn’t merely another element in the Star Wars Saga, but a base for a brand new trilogy of Star Wars movies that’ll continue the story line that has been delighting us for years. December is far – yes, but why not catch up on all the Star Wars movies in the meantime?

Comic book geek

Geek 2017: Comic book geek Credit: wordpress.com 2017 marks the 48th year that Comic-Con International is being hosted in San Diego, making it one of the longest-run comic and popular arts convention. 20-23 July – those are the dates to diarise! There’s a multitude of other events to attend, but nothing beats the legendary Comic-Con International! More than 600 events ranging from workshops, autograph sessions and programming to screenings, games and costume competitions will take place in 4 extraordinary days.

Sports geek

Geeks 2017 Sports Geek Credit: ifmamuaythai.org Have you ever heard of the World Games? In July 2017, Wroclaw (Poland) will play host to the 10th World Games – 11 days of action packed sorts and competitions, under the motto of “Faster, Higher, Stronger”. The World Games feature sport that aren’t part of the Olympic Games and thousands of athletes from across the world participate in events ranging from artistic and dance sports, ball sports and martial arts to precision sports, strength sports and even trend sports. So, no matter what floats your geeking boat, 2017 is jam-packed with excitement and unmissable events!
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