Funniest design fails

Funniest design fails Credit: We all know the pictures circulating on social media, showing an epic fail and aptly titled “You had one job…” And when that job is not done, then life gets real damn funny! Check out the top 7 design fails of ALL TIME. Disclaimer: this blog may cause random bouts of laughter-snorts and the odd spittle-flying-guffaws.

What a surprise!

Everybody knows that it’s a special moment when you try to get pregnant and suddenly the moment is there. Though in this case, I wonder what these two were thinking? Did they really think that eating a bucket of chicken wings would make your tummy that round? Either way, I just hope the baby is cleverer than his parents! Credit: explodinator850

Can you see it? 

Always nice to know that your team has everything covered. Surely this Slazenger project manager thought his team would do a great job. As individuals, they might have, though I wonder if they ever sat together to see if the end product would work? Anyway, at least the colors go well together. Credit: sashley520

Lost in translation

We all know how tough it is to speak a foreign language. And we are all lost in translation from time to time. That is why modern technology invented online translation tools, right?! The only thing is, you still need to have a clue of what the translation tool is telling you, otherwise you end up with this. Credit: badon_

Show me yours, I’ll show you mine

This is so wrong on so many levels, I can BARELY contain myself, LOL! Let’s just move on… Credit: zorton213

Chicken, beef or…..

We get it, if you organize a party you want to know what the people would like to eat. We don’t like spending loads of money on food if it isn’t going to be eaten. So, why not send an RSVP request with clear food preference indications! But the meat choices on this RSVP card demand a possible relinquishing of all morals and ethical laws… Which would you choose?? Credit: siggy778

Good luck!

I just don’t want to think about the problems happening on this toilet. Seriously, just imagine… For everybody’s sake I’ll not explain any further but really…just imagine!!! Credit: tekki

Spread the word

We all have that urge to let other know what we think, and sometimes we even want to share our views with the rest of the world. In case you want to do that, just make sure you are bringing the right message across, but also make sure that…you are doing it the right way!! Putting the most important word in the same color as the banner itself is not a great start to bring awareness to the other ones!! Just saying… Credit: conicius Did you enjoy those epic design failures as much as we did? Or have you seen even better mistakes? Let us know so we can share the fun together.
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