Eurovision 2017 highlights

Eurovision 2017 highlights Credit: Last week the Eurovision Song Contest once again demanded attention across the globe. Over 250 million people watched the show, which in itself is probably the main highlight of the event. Although we all love the entertainment as we always look forward to the crazy acts or the ones that are so theatrical you would think they are performing on the wrong stage. Or what about the jury that gives points to their favourites (which doesn’t mean they’re always scoring the songs or the singers as we all know)? Either way, the Eurovision Song Contest remains one of the world’s best known and famous events, and people often use the occasion to bring a message, or just to show off whatever they think is cool or quirky.

My personal highlights this year were:

  1. The horse on stage
  2. The Beach Boys were back in town
  3. Sweden sent the cast from Suits
  4. The fact that Eurovision became a “Full Moon” party

The horse on stage

One has to wonder what the Azerbaijan delegation was drinking when they suddenly planned to put a man on a ladder while wearing a horse's head. Surely this must have been a very interesting moment and I can’t help to think that this is actually not the most far-fetched idea they had when deciding on how to get the viewers attention. Anyway, it worked cause everybody is talking about it and it was trending on social media soon after. The horse on stage Image Source:

The Beach Boys were back in town

Spain thought it would be funny to put a copy paste of the famous Beach Boys on stage, or so it seemed. Manel Navarro came out in a shirt that would suit Waikiki beach much more than this event. You would expect these guys to play at hippie parties or in a funky hostel on the beaches of Goa, but not here. Even though he caused a lot of uproar in his home country (due to the fact that he wasn’t the public’s choice but the one from the jury) he didn’t really shake things up in Kiev, the hosting city of this year’s Eurovision song contest. The Beach Boys were back in town Image Source:

Sweden sent the cast from Suits

As it turns out, Sweden thought it would be a good idea if the focus was more on the singer and his entourage (even though he is a solo artist) instead of the song itself. Well, they were not far from it, as this act could have been brought by the cast of Suits. The well-dressed guys who didn’t look too shabby himself either proved to be the perfect combo as he ended at a very nice fifth place. Sweden sent the cast from Suits Image Source: Do you also want to sing along with your entourage? Surely some karaoke will help you with that. Visit Euro Palace now and enjoy the real fun on Karaoke Party Online Slot! Karaoke Party Online Slot at Euro Palace Online Casino

Eurovision became a “Full Moon” party

We always knew the Aussies are living down under, though we didn’t know they liked to show us their personal “down under”! Anyway, everybody saw it, we all had a good laugh about it and the show just continued. Don’t know if it helped Australia any further on the scoreboard as they ended at a ninth place. Eurovision became a “Full Moon” party Image Source:

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