Is DuckDuckGo Google’s Biggest Competition?

Changing the way we search online Source: Pixabay We live in a world where Google is synonymous with the very act of searching for something online. If we are told to Google a topic, we know exactly what this means. This alone should be indication of just how dominant the company is in the modern digital world. But wait; there’s more… Google is in your life in at least more than one way. Chrome is possibly your preferred Internet browser, meaning that when you head off to play mobile casino games, Google got you there. It may well even be your email service provider, so their mighty hands have likewise touched every email you ever received. Heck, Google is present in virtually every person’s life to some extent, which is about as big as a company could possibly be, without actually having rights to the pants you’re currently wearing! So, we should probably all just accept it, be happy that at the very least, Google is a damn good search engine, and get on with our lives. Right? Not so, says DuckDuckGo.

Drawbacks To Google

The worlds biggest search engine Source: Pixabay Basically everyone can agree that Google is a great search engine. But everyone can also probably agree that there are some rather sneaky issues. Right now, Google has gathered a profile on you for the benefit of advertisers, and that profile continues to grow daily. For the longest time the majority were okay with this, or at least had no idea what to do about it, and so accepted it. But with privacy scandals mounting, mutters can once again be heard about a dire need for some steps to be taken, and re-establish some level of digital privacy. Let us never forget the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and what a severe a breach of privacy that was for hundreds of thousands, even millions of Internet users. Which is to say; yes, there are drawbacks to using Google, and they are significant. DuckDuckGo is a search engine, in case there were still questions in that regard. The CEO of the company is Gabriel Weinberg, and he has stepped up to ask a frankly pertinent question; what happened to the Do Not Track standard?

Enforcing Do Not Track

Once upon a time, a decade ago, when the Internet was still blossoming into the advertising-fuelled monstrosity that it is today, there was a standard called Do Not Track. It allowed users to tick a box in their browser and refuse all methods of tracking. Or, say no to the gathering information on your online habits. Since then, the standard has largely been dropped, mostly because gathering your information is like printing money for a company like Google. If you were wondering if it was coincidental that adverts on webpages very conspicuously change to punt an item you were just searching for; it isn’t. Google works out an algorithm based on your activity, and this is used to target you accordingly. Weinberg recently made a push to get a bill titled the Do-Not-Track-Act of 2019. The purpose of the bill is to make the Do Not Track option a regulated law. A nice idea, although it seems like this is simply a front on the part of Weinberg, since he does not have a single person of significance showing interest. Instead, Weinberg is likely on a mission to draw attention to DuckDuckGo.

What Is DuckDuckGo?

DuckDuckGo tackles Google Source: Founded in 2008, the lesser-known search engine alternative to Google was established with one very clear, enormously significant difference. DuckDuckGo does not gather your personal information in any way, ever. If this hasn’t got your attention in a Cambridge Analytica world, we don’t know what will. This is all good and well, everyone likes privacy. But does it actually work the same way as Google? In short; yes, some would say even better. DuckDuckGo provides search results that are first and foremost organic. Doesn’t Google do the same, you’re asking? No. Those who are paying can drastically alter Google search results. So, your top results may not be organic at all, but simply a reflection of who paid the most money to be number one.

Is It Time To Switch?

Is it recommended that you abandon Google and head on over to DuckDuckGo? Before you make this decision consider the following… There are other differences between the two search engines. Although similar in many regards, little tweaks and noticeable changes are present. A person could fairly easily switch over if they wanted to. But in doing so you might be rather shocked to realise just how deeply Google is integrated into your everyday life without you even realising it. Merely switching your search engine would be the most insignificant attempt at gaining more privacy. You may have to find alternatives for a number of other services, which would possibly require a fairly major adjustment. You’d have to kiss Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive and Google Play Music goodbye, just for starters. Though, not at all impossible, you may want to do some serious research into just how many options there are in this day and age that don’t track your activity. Your phone might land up pretty empty after you’ve eliminated all the apps that do so!
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