Craps Online Game Glossary

Craps dice and casino chips

These words and phrases are the ones you’ll hear or see most often when you’re playing Craps online. You don’t have to know them all off by heart before you start playing, but it’s vital that you have a basic grasp of most of them and keep learning as you go along!

  • 7 Out

Rolling dice equalling 7 before the Point is rolled in a Craps Online game.

  • Ace

A die showing 1.

  • All The Spots We Got

Slang for a Roll of 1.

  • Arm

Players skilled at throwing dice to improve the chances of particular numbers getting rolled.

  • Barber Pole

When players intermingle chips of different denominations and when wagers are made with chips of various values. They should be stacked with the highest denomination at the bottom of the pile in the Barber Pole.

  • Betting Right

Wagering on the Pass Line.

  • Betting Wrong

Staking on the Don’t Pass Line.

  • Big Red

Slang for a dice roll equalling 7.

  • Bones

Another word for dice.

  • Buy Bets

Giving the House a commission of 5% in exchange for getting paid Correct Odds for a Place Bet. These wagers on 4 and 10 let players reduce the House Edge from 6.67% to 4% on these wagers. Some casinos collect their commission only on winning stakes, but others do this when the bet is placed.

  • Centre Field

Slang for dice roll equalling 9 on the Craps Online table.

The Craps table

  • Cold Table

A term invoking the superstition that players enjoy hot tables, which means they win a lot, and cold ones, where everyone’s losing.

  • Colour Up

Exchanging chips of a smaller denomination for chips with a larger one.

  • Crap Out

Throwing a 2, a 3, or a 12 on the Come Out Roll.

  • Crap Numbers

2, 3, and 12.

  • Easy Way

Dice rolls equalling 4, 6, 8, or 10 without a double occurring.

  • Fever

A dice roll equalling 5.

  • Front Line

Another name for the Pass Line Bet in a Craps Online game.

  • Hard Number

Numbers rolled as a pair, so a pair of 4s is a Hard 8, a pair of 5s a Hard 10.

  • House Edge

The is an important addition to any Craps glossary as it refers to advantage the casino has over the player on all games and bets. It’s expressed as a percentage of the player’s wager.

  • Hot Table

A table where players are winning.

  • Insurance Bet

Stake made to protect against another bet losing.

  • Little Joe

Slang for a dice roll equalling 4.

  • Little Phoebe

Slang for a dice roll equalling 5.

  • Natural

When a 7 or 11 total occurs on the Come Out Roll.

  • Outside Numbers

In Craps Online, 4, 5, 9, and 10 are referred to as Outside Numbers.

Craps Dice

  • Parlaying a Wager

This is when players take the winnings from a stake and add them to the original bet and wager the full amount again.

  • Payoff

The money received from a winning bet.

  • Payout

The odds a wager offers, like 7:1, or the money received from a winning stake.

  • Place Numbers

4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10.

  • Point

The value the Come Out Roll establishes.

  • Pressing a bet

Adding more money to a wager already made, typically doubling it.

  • Puppy Paws

Slang for a dice roll equalling 10.

  • Skinny McKinney

Slang for a dice total of 7.

  • Snake Eyes

Slang for dice rolled equalling 2.

  • Square Pair

Slang for a dice total of a Hard 8, or pair of 4s.

  • The Come Out Roll

The first dice roll in a new round which sets the Point for the game.

  • Up Pops the Devil

A slang phrase for a roll of the dice that shows a 7 total.

  • Winner on the Dark Side

Slang for a roll of 3.

  • Working Bets

Wagers that are in place for the outcome of the next roll in a Craps Online game.

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