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Play Battlestar Galactica™ slot at Euro Palace Get onboard Battlestar Galactica™ online slot and fight the Cylons to defend the humanity and the remainders of the Twelve Colonies. Winning the 1 400 000-coin jackpot will feel as good as finding a new home for the survivors of the Cylon invasion - the frakking Cylons that man created himself.

Features of Battlestar Galactica™ slot

Fight or flight - the two normal human responses under attack, even in space, and Battlestar Galactica™ online slot includes both as separate game modes. Face the Run Mode, Fight Mode and Ion Storm on Battlestar Galactica online slot

Run mode

All wins pay left to right and right to left during this mode, and if an FTL Drive symbol appears anywhere on the middle reel, any Royal symbols would be replaced with mystery symbols for extra wins.

Fight mode

This is where you go head-to-head with the Cylon fleet – in the mêlée random symbols can transform into Wilds and they can furthermore split into double wilds as the debris from the fight disintegrates. You also have a chance to activate the Free Spins round with at least three Scatters – every time the bonus feature is triggered, you get 5 free spins and an option to re-trigger them with some deft piloting. Fight mode gives you a chance to activate Free Spins!

Ion Storm

The Ion Storm feature introduces up to 5 Wild reels to the game and you can get to play 15 free spins if at least 3 Scatters land on your reels, with any wins paid out tripled.

Ranking Achievements

As you play and give proof of your wits and your valour, you can get promoted from a Nugget all the way up to an Admiral – achievements unlock additional videos for the characters, including little treats for those familiar with the TV series.

Extra: Meet the crew of Battlestar Galactica™ online slot

Meet Starbuck, Apollo and Tigh on Battlestar Galactica™ online slot

Kara – Starbuck - Thrace

Born to fly, Starbuck is one of the top guns on Galactica. She likes her drink, likes her gambling, does her duty but doesn’t suffer fools gladly. She’s not a fan of Colonel Tigh.

Lee – Apollo - Adama

A natural pilot, Apollo proved he is more than just his famous father’s son after joining Galactica’s crew  and rose through the ranks to command the air group. The history of Starbuck and Apollo goes back to the time before the destruction of the Twelve Colonies as his brother was engaged to Starbuck, but sadly perished on his first mission.

Colonel Saul Tigh

Colonel Tigh isn’t at Galactica to make friends – he’s loyal to the bone, has a keen eye for strategy and he doesn’t mince his words. He has never managed to understand civilians and he has no love for Gaius Baltar. There’s more to him than meets the eye, too… The Cylons are coming. Are you ready to fight for freedom?

Ellen Tigh

The estranged wife of Colonel Saul Tigh, Ellen Tigh was thought to have been lost in the Cylon attack of the Twelve Colonies but she resurfaced on Galactica, trying to rekindle her marriage with the Colonel. She’s ambitious and works to advance her husband’s ambitions as well.

Galen - Chief - Tyrol

Having worked in the Colonial Fleet since he was 18, Galen Tyrol – also known as The Chief – looks after the maintenance of the Viper and Raptor crafts on Galactica. He’s also got a little thing about All Along the Watchtower. Meet Helo, Six and Baltar on Battlestar Galactica™ online slot


A Cylon infiltrator, Six was designed to blend in to the human population and complete her missions as effectively as possible. Should her body be killed, her memories can be downloaded into another body and the Cylon society indeed has several copies of Six.

Carl – Helo - Agathon

A Raptor pilot on Battlestar Galactica, Helo is from Caprica; a world which was savagely attacked and bombed when the Cylons attacked the Colonies. He survived the Cylon occupation of the planet and found his way back to Galactica to join the search for a safe, habitable world for humans.

Gaius Baltar

Gaius Baltar survived the destruction of the Twelve Colonies and now harbours a secret: seduced by a Six, it was him who unwittingly revealed the secrets of the Colonies' defense systems to the Cylons which allowed them to annihilate most of the humanity. He’s a self-centred genius but his conscience won’t stop nagging him about the destruction he brought about the Colonies. Jump into the world of Battlestar Galactica™ at Euro Palace: Try the demo here and zoom off to the casino to play for real! Battlestar Galactica is a copyright of Universal Network Television LLC. Licensed by NBCUniversal Television Consumer Products Group 2012. All rights reserved.
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