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Action movies 2017: your ultimate bucket list awaits! Credit: Well, for movies at least. I can’t decide about your desire to jump out of a plane or to adopt a Capuchin monkey in an Amazonian monkey adoption programme, but I can tell you this – if these 5 movies aren’t on your action-movie-popcorn-bucket-list for 2017, then…well, then you should put them onto that bucket list!

Alien: Covenant

Alien: Covenant, sent to release June/July 2017 is the sequel to the ever popular Sci-Fi hit, Alien and will be the 5th movie in the franchise. The team aboard the Covenant embarks upon a mission in search of a new oasis, but all they discover are the sad remnants of the Prometheus-expedition. This movie will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat! Action Movies 2017: Alien: Covenant Credit:

Jumanji 2

Time to re-live a childhood favourite! Yes, you are quite correct in exclaiming “But Robin Williams is dead?!” And this is the reason why critics are somewhat sceptical about the sequel being able to retain its magic. But I am excited nonetheless, rumours have been running wild! All we know is this: 4 kids in detention enter this fabled game of Jumanji, using avatars they created themselves. Action movies 2017: Jumanji 2 Credit:

Star Wars: Episode VIII

Rey, Finn and Luke Skywalker continue their journey in this anticipated continuation of the saga, but that’s pretty much all that’s known to us! Disney is keeping the plot a complete secret, but I think it will live up to every last awesome expectation! Even though J. J. Abrams has stepped down as the director (fear not), he still kept a watchful eye over Episode VIII as the executive producer. Action movies 2017: Star Wars: Episode VIII Credit:

Blade Runner 2

Time to start growing your fingernails, so you can chew them in excitement, thrill and shock as Blade Runner 2 hits the big screen. Los Angeles will once again become Harrison Ford’s playground, as he and the likes of Ryan Gosling entice us with pure action. The movie is set a few decades after the first one with an atmosphere that has adapted accordingly – what will remain is the unbridled action! Action movies 2017: Blade Runner 2 Credit:

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

May 5th, 2017. Pencil it into your diary as “Day of Awesome”. That’s when the second Guardians of the Galaxy movie will be released! The search for Peter Quill’s parents continues – and also comes to an end, but let’s keep the spoilers at bay. All the original actors will return, but as you can imagine, Groot will be a little different. Excited yet? I know I am… Action movies 2017:Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 Credit: Should these movies possibly not hit the sweet spot and you’re not entirely sure about committing to an unseen monkey through an adoption agency, then I do have another list of movies for 2017 – my most anticipated sequels, prequels and 8th instalments. And speaking of things we can't wait for... Watch this space for our newest game release, a slot game that will have you releasing your inner animal! Based on several movies as well as a book, it features humans and animals alike. Can you guess what it is? Tarzan is coming to Euro Palace! Luckily you won't have to wait quite as far as 2017 to play this game!
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