8 seriously ridiculous moments in the Batman series

Special effects were top-notch in the old Batman series. Not. Image source: Tumblr.com Holy facepalm, Batman… Before Christopher Nolan rebooted Batman with the movie Batman Begins, the franchise had got to the point where nobody was able to tell if one was watching a semi-intentional comedies or a superhero action movie. We list here 8 moments that made us do this: If only Batman could see some of his own antics… Image source: Tumblr.com

1 and 2 - Special effects in the old Batman series

Now, their fellow DC superhero(ine) Wonder Woman could run pretty fast in her own TV show, but what about Batman and Robin? Well, nobody said they have superpowers, so above you can see the epic cinematic trickery in action. Entertaining as it was, it’s pretty impossible to take the old TV show seriously. This recurring scene with the Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder going places from the good old Batman series sums it all up nicely. Batman and Robin with special effects Image source: Uproxx.com

3 - Bane in Batman & Robin

Once upon a time, Bane looked like Nacho Libre having roid rage. While the approach kind of fits in with the ridiculousness of the rest of Batman & Robin, it didn’t do the character much justice. Did you remember Bane featured in Batman & Robin? Giphy.com More like it: Bane on The Dark Knight Rises. Way more articulate. Much more menacing. Character-wise a vast improvement. Tom Hardy’s Bane had a bit more substance than the onein Batman & Robin Image source: Giphy.com

4 - The Joker's money slide

The Dark Knight saw The Joker give Batman a run for his money… and he also knew how to enjoy it (in his own way). His take on a popular playground pastime is fairly outrageous to start with… and looks ridiculously fun! Given the opportunity (and the cash), who wouldn’t want to try the same?! Make your dreams come true with a big jackpot from Euro Palace progressives Image source: Giphy.com

5 - This scene with Catwoman

Umm... A three-letter reaction to this scene is not uncommon. Or the look your cat gives you when you sneeze. Dear Tim Burton, we get that she's meant to be the epitomy of the word 'feline'. But still. Uh, what’s going on, Catwoman? Image source: Giphy.com

6 - The Riddler, from start to finish

The fact that Jim Carrey was cast in Batman Forever may have something to do with the end result, which was spandex-clad sheer insanity. It even continued in a straitjacket: The Riddler was one of the most insanely outrageous villains seen in Batman movies Image source: Giphy.com PS. Nowadays we’d be very curious to see how Jim Parsons (Sheldon of The Big Bang Theory fame) would do in the same role as he’s indicated interest in playing The Riddler. Would Jim Parsons make a good Riddler? We think so! Image source: Tumblr.com

7 - The many puns of Mr Freeze

There just are so many. They’re like dad jokes - so bad they’ll give you goosebumps. But then Mr Freeze would probably like that; in general Ahnuld looks like he’s really enjoying himself. The wit of Mr Freeze knows no bounds when it comes to puns Image source: Giphy.com To think of it, though, he’d be right at home at Westeros, where winter is perennially coming… maybe he’s secretly a Stark? Chill, it’s only Mr Freeze with his puns Image source: Giphy.com

8 - The 'edgy' Caped Crusader outfits in Batman & Robin

This one requires an actual video. The close-ups from the suit-up scene are just so cringeworthy. But hey, Poison Ivy totally approves... Poison Ivy totally approved Batman’s new outfit in Batman & Robin Image source: Tumblr.com

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