5 crazy sports bets you have to read about!

Crazy-Sports-Bets Most individuals are quite conservative, only betting a few dollars or pounds toward their chosen selection. However, in the world of professional sports, some individuals can really get ahead of themselves in a rage of passion, making ludicrous bets that sometimes yield crazy results. Here’s a look at 5 crazy sports bets and their outcomes.

Darren Yates at the races

In 1996, Darren Yates of Morecambe had a bit of an infatuation with Italian-born jockey Frankie Dettori. His business wasn’t doing well, and was told by his wife not to place any more bets on the jockey. Yates didn’t listen, and put £67.58 on a very unlikely bet – that Dettori would be riding the winning horse in seven straight races. Dettori then went on a phenomenal run, winning all seven races and earning Yates a payout of £550,823.

Gino DiFelice and the NFL pick of a lifetime

Canadian Gino DiFelice won $725,274 on a $5 bet after correctly predicting 15 NFL picks. Unbelievable, right? What makes his win even more absurd is that the final game on his betting ticket was none other than the Seahawks-Packers showdown, known as Fail Mary, which saw the Seahawks score a controversial last-minute touchdown.

The student that didn’t learn

During the African Cup of Nations, an Angolan student had such faith in Angola that he wagered his entire student loan on a bet – a cool £4000. Angola were leading 4-0 when the student placed the bet and, with only 11 minutes on the clock remaining, had every reason to believe they would win. However, Mali made an impressive comeback and the student lost it all. Funning thing is, he would only have won £44 if the bet paid off.

Mick Gibbs goes in small

Staffordshire resident Mick Gibbs was clearly not expecting much when he bet a mere 30 pence on a 15-fold accumulator bet – in other words, correctly pick the winner in 15 football matches. It’s a bet that no one expects to win and, with the odds at 1,666,666 to 1, seemed highly unlikely. However, the stars aligned and Gibbs won. In the end, his tiny 30 pence bet resulted in a £500,000 payout.

Doria Tillier strips for France

Doria Tillier is the weathergirl on French talk show Le Grand Journal. After France’s disappointing loss to Ukraine in their qualifier for the 2014 World Cup, Tillier didn’t think that the team would make the cut. She made a gutsy bet on live television – that she would do her weather forecast in the nude if the French national team qualified for the World Cup tournament. The result? France overcame a 2 goal deficit against Ukraine and booked their ticket to the World Cup. True to her word, Tillier stripped off for the forecast on Canal+.
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