4 reasons why you don’t want to be a dinosaur

Jurassic World™: would you like yo be a dinosaur?Have you ever felt the desire to rule the earth? To be feared by everyone and everything? To just walk around and take a bite out of everything you’d like to taste? Like eeeverything!  “Hmmm, I wonder what this house tastes like!” *nom nom nom* Have you ever wanted to roar and make the whole world tremble and bow down? Yap, being a dinosaur really is epic… or is it?

4 reasons why you don’t want to be a dinosaur

1. You’d be a crappy pet

Let’s face it… Dinosaurs don’t make good pets. People want cuddly, fluffy critters that sleep in an equally cute bed, make tiny poops and can perform adorable tricks. If you were someone’s pet Ankylosaurus, you’d probably flatten the entire house when trying to attempt to roll over. And as someone’s pet Triceratops, one poop would probably fertilize the entire town. Also, I suppose you’d be a bit of a large pet to take for walks… Jurassic World™: dinosaurs are massive pets

2. People make really mean dino-memes

Have you ever seen this one? Jurassic World™: dinosaur memes can be really mean Credit: cdn.com Or this one? Jurassic World™: Mean dinosaur memes Credit: thisisnotatrueending.com Kinda mean if you ask me! I sure wouldn’t want someone to turn me into a meme… On the upside, people make really great dino-games! The newest offering at the Euro Palace Online Casino is the Jurassic World™ Online Slot. Based on the epic movie, Jurassic World™, this slot game offers roaring entertainment and crazy Free Spins functions. Jurassic World™: the coolest slot game yet 3 or more scatters on the reels randomly trigger one of these legendary Free Spins functions, catapulting us straight back to the most thrilling scenes of the movie:
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Jurassic World™: choose your free spins After 15 Free Spins triggers, the player choice function is unlocked and you can choose your preferred Free Spins destination. But that’s not all! Every now and then the rather frightening, hybrid Indomnius Rex appears on the screen, multiplying your wins. So head on over to Euro Palace and catch the rare Indomnius Rex on the game release day, 17 June! Jurassic World™: the indomnius rex feature Need to hone your Jurassic skills? Why not try the Jurassic Park™ slot? Jurassic World™: play at Euro Palace I know, I know… I really have a short attention span and got totally carried away with the Jurassic World™ Online Slot. I apologise! But speaking of things that are short…

3. Rather short appendages

If you want to be an upright dinosaur (because walking on all fours is just overrated), then you’ll have some struggles. The short, stubby T-Rex arms have turned the once fearsome predator into an awkwardly cute fellow. Instead of being revered, he is mocked for his inability to hug, clap or wipe his um...behind. The excessively short arms would also make it rather hard to enjoy the fruit of your world-dominating-labour, celebratory drinks and cigars would never reach your lips. Jurassic World™: upright dinosaurs have rather short arms - a source of mockery! Credit: cdn.com

4. Then there’s the whole asteroid thing

I think this is probably the number one reason why you really don’t want to be a dinosaur is the matter of extinction. So even if you had survived the comet hitting the earth 65 million years ago, you’d be rather old, wrinkly and senile by now and world domination really just wouldn’t be as great! Also, there’d be no other dinosaurs to rejoice with, so not only wouldn’t you have cigars, but you’d also be a lonely-saur! ;) Maybe you should rather consider dominating the galaxy in our futuristic promo, Galactic Gamble? Galactic Gamble: the Euro Palace promotion
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